Tarsorrhaphy is a surgical procedure in that your eyelids are partly sewn together to slim the beginning (for example. palpebral fissure). In  this operation adhesions are manufactured between  a right element  of the lid margins because of  the make an effort  to narrow down or
almost near the palpebral aperture. It is of two types: temporary and permanent.
1. Temporary tarsorrhaphy
Evidences : (i) To protect the cornea when seventh nerve palsy is likely  to recoup.
(ii) To assist recovery of an corneal ulcer that is indolent.
(iii) To assist in healing of skin-grafts of the lids in the correct position. Surgical strategies. This may be held out as median or paramedian tarsorrhaphy (Fig. 14.31).
1. Incision. For paramedian tarsorrhaphy, about 5 mm  long cut site is actually marked in  the
corresponding parts of the upper and lower lid margins, 3-mm on either section of  the midline. a cut 2-mm deep is made  in the gray range on the marked web site and the marginal epithelium will be excised taking  care  not to harm the ciliary range anteriorly and the  sharp cover line posteriorly.
2. Suturing. The natural surfaces hence created on the opposing parts associated with the cover margins are subsequently sutured with double-armed 6-0 silk sutures passed away through  a rubberized bolster.
2. tarsorrhaphy that is permanent.
(i) Established cases of VII neurological palsy where there clearly was no chance of recovery; and
(ii) established cases of neuroparalytic keratitis with severe reduction in corneal sensations. Technique. It is carried out at the canthus that is lateral generate permanent adhesions. The eyelids are overlapped after excising a triangular flap of skin and orbicularis from  the lower lid and corresponding triangular tarso-conjunctival flap from the upper lid.

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